Training Testimonials For Brian Watson

If you are not willing to learn...
no one can help you.
If you are determined to learn...
no one can stop you...



"Brian is a great trainer. He has the ability to make content interesting, practically useful, and easily accessible, coupled with the presence to keep a group engaged and captivated. He's magic!"!
Chris Grimsley



"Being a student of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, I have had the privilege of observing Brian teach as well as demonstrate his vast skills in Hypnotherapy and NLP on numerous occasions. He is a truly remarkable trainer and professional because he demonstrates thorough theoretical and practical knowledge in this discipline and makes your learning experience easy and rewarding. Although I have trained with several professionals, I unashamedly will declare that Brian epitomises the height of his profession simply because he has mastered every principle of Hypnotherapy and NLP and he trains with impeccable passion and a heart. It shows and you will notice this. Not only a true Master, he provides the inspiration for anyone who wishes to pursue a career in Hypnotherapy and NLP."
Rik Taw



"I experienced Brian when he was trainer in an course in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy in London. He showed an in depth knowledge and experience in this field and a very fluent and natural way of delivering it to the group. He keeps an excellent balance in presentation, demonstration and practice and has a great way of motivating the students to learn. Wonderful sense of humour too."
Jos Van Boxtel



"I would unreservedly recommend Brian Watson as a trainer in Hypnotherapy and NLP. He knows his subject and delivers his knowledge clearly, concisely and accurately; and probably more importantly makes it enjoyable and accessible even for people with no previous experience in these fields."
Michael Brown RMN, Grad Dip Addictions


"As a trainer Brian delivers the content with good depth and pace in a relaxed and friendly manner. He aims to engage the whole audience in ways that maximise learning potential. He is knowledgeable, experienced and professional in his approach. I look forward to his training sessions and know others do too. I am happy to recommend Brian as a trainer".
Philip Smith


"I have attended Advanced Hypnotherapist & NLP training with Brian Watson tutoring over two weekends and was very impressed by his teaching. Brian has a warm and friendly manner and a good deal of knowledge. He makes it all really interesting as shares his wealth of knowledge from previous work, case studies and experiences. He is also an excellent practitioner with impressive skills. I am sure that he can greatly help with any issues and transform lives! "
Surayia Torrella FCIH MSc


"Brian lectured at the British Hypnosis Research and Training School study course in London. I really enjoyed the weekend - his teaching style is very dynamic and engaging and I loved listening to his stories. He was always open for my admittedly frequent and annoying questions and more than willing to help and share his experience. These two days were very helpful, insightful and inspiring!"
Annie Oelmann



"I have worked with many many trainers over the years, but I can honestly say that Brian’s delivery is second to
none .His engaging, enigmatic style is totally engrossing (and out of this world) in fact it leaves learners spell
bound – BUT more importantly he empowers them through encouragement and guidance to enable them to think,
learn and ask questions and then find their own answers. I have witnessed Brain working with extremely
disadvantaged, disengaged and disillusioned people and his enigmatic style not only just captures their interest but
also their "buy in" and this has resulted in fantastic feedback and outstanding results. When it comes to training
Brain is the postman – Because he always delivers!"
Claire P Grogan Senior Business Manager



"Having worked with Brian for a number of years I can honestly say that of all the trainers I've worked with, he
certainly ranks among the best (if not the best.) Above all else, he cares and this shows in his delivery. Brian is
witty and engaging, knowledgeable and very client focussed and has the ability to draw the information from the students rather than throw it at them. His unique talent and skill at teaching on many levels both direct and indirect means that he not only understands what Confucius meant when he said; “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember.
I do and I understand.”, he lives it, and so do his students."
Steve Taylor - Health and Safety Manager rrader Legal Ltd



"I have the pleasure in sending this testimonial to Brian Watson on his skills in teaching Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
and NLP in January 2014 at Birkbeck University, London. It was a great privilege to be an assistant on Stephen
Brooks course and to be part of Brian's teaching weekend! I found Brian to be very professional and extremely
well organised, he managed the course content with precise timing and followed all the principles with great skill
and expertise! I really felt the Ericksonian experience and was aware that the students were also extremely
focused and thoroughly enjoyed the training. Brian was able to teach in a logical and easy to understand manner,
that any student would find very beneficial during the learning process. So overall Brian has a warm natural
approach to teaching and delivers a lot of content, he has a deep passion for Hypnosis and is able to infuse the
student with a sincere yearning to continue their studies and achieve truly wonderful results! Milton Erickson has
certainly spurred on many inspired Hypnotherapists to reach their highest goals in the field of Hypnosis."
Gail Maddox - Quantum Healing Hypnosis



"Brian was my trainer in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy this year, his style of teaching has been extremely effective
because of what comes across as a solid and extensive experience in the field. Brian is an excellent communicator
and has a way to involve the class and make people feel at ease in participating and trying out techniques which
might feel complex and hard to master. He conveys the material with humour, with a deeply personal touch and an
open and flexible attitude."
Michele Occelli



"Besides being a joy to work with Brian it was also a pleasure as Brian has a great outgoing personality and his
manner, when delivering hypnosis shows that he wants to make a difference in people's lives. In the last six
months I have met up again with Brian on many week ends when I have been helping out in the British Hypnosis
Research training sessions at Birkbeck University London.

Brian has been taking many of these week-end training seminars. Brian is not only a consummate hypnotherapist
but is a brilliant tutor. The quality and delivery of Brian's tutorials are of an excellent standard showing his vast
knowledge of of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. During our training sessions together, and latterly during the
seminars at Birkbeck University I have enjoyed working with Brian very much. He is great to work with and the
lectures that he delivers are not just of an extremely high standard in the way of content but also the way that he
delivers the lectures makes it fun and enjoyable too. Learning takes place at a much higher level when it is fun
and enjoyable.

I would highly recommend Brian to anyone needing Hypnotherapy as Brian intently listens to what the issue is that needs resolving and has a very extensive knowledge of what hypnotic processes is best needed to resolve the
client's problem. I would recommend Brian highly to anyone needing either hypnosis or any company or
organisation needing someone to deliver hypnosis training."
Stuart Mallinson



"I have had a pleasure of working with Brian for a while now and can whole heartedly say that he is truly a
talented trainer. Brian is warm and inclusive and in full command of his topic and his lectures are fun and
informative. I have no hesitation in recommending Brian as a trainer."
Teija Barr



"Brian is a natural and gifted teacher. His delivery is always concise and precise and he knows how to pitch a
lesson to different grades of students. He is extremely knowledgeable on a wide range of subjects (including
magic), which brings a wealth of interest to his students. I have seen Brian doing live demonstrations under
difficult circumstances, and he has made it look easy, which is commendable. Brian is also about as ethical as you
can get. He is a talented hypnotherapist, and I for one would not think twice about referring any client to him, if the
need arose."
Keith Nicholls