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Virtual Gastric Band Referral Scheme

  • The Virtual Gastric Band brought to you by Brian Watson Associates works through hypnosis and the latest mind management techniques.


  • In short, it convinces the subconscious mind that the person has had adjustable gastric band surgery.


  • It's safe, there are no side effects and the you are fully supported all the way through 1 - 2 - 1 sessions, a free workbook, free support CD and a free personalised CD.


  • It's the only virtual gastric band in the world to have undergone clinical trials and has a 95% success rate.


  • Clients on the programme have lost a total of 61, 000lb's!  That's more than the combined weight of 10 Asian elephants!



Working With Us

As our research has shown that our client base is predominantly professional females aged between 30 – 60 years old,  we are now offering a referral scheme for professionals who share a similar customer base such as yourselves.

Simply recommend our Virtual Gastric Band to clients who may mention weight loss etc. and you'll receive a referral fee of £35 for each client that books, makes payment in full and attends the sessions. 

Simply register using the form below and we'll send out a referral pack by Royal Mail.  Referral fees are sent out in the first week of each month.


In The Referral Pack

  • 1 A4 Poster
  • 30 Postcards
  • Information On The Programme
  • Registration Letter

You'll receive a stack of postcards with your own unique number referral printed on the back, this is how we track who to make the £35 payments to when an individual signs up to the programme, pays in full and attends.  

In order to make 100% sure the client holds onto the postcard and quotes your number we have added the incentive of a 10% discount for the client upon booking.

If you run out of cards and / or posters, please contact us on 07519 893 555 or send an email requesting a refill pack to and we will send you replacements.

Please take a few moments to complete your details below so we can send out your pack and start to track your referrals.


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Many thanks,

B Watson
Brian Watson Dip. I.Hyp E.Psy NLP Prac (BHR)



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